President’s Message


2016-2017 promises to be an exciting year at Robertson Charter School. We have excelled academically. We have excelled athletically. We have excelled organizationally. Now we focus on moving our school to a whole new level. Changes in testing and accountability will force all schools to re-evaluate how education is delivered in America. Accountability is extremely important at every level in education. Students must be held accountable for giving their best effort, with their best behavior. Teaching staff must be held accountable for being innovative, inspirational, educational, and effective. Administration must be held accountable for providing the best support system possible. And, there are so many more who work to make it happen. Everyone must be involved.

Our student population is approximately 335, and our staff is around 47. At Robertson Charter School, we are absolutely committed to continuous evolution in effective and efficient education. When you’re connected to Robertson Charter School, you’re connected to one of the premier charter schools in America, and the premier school of choice in Decatur.


Principal’s Message

Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year! I believe that this will be an awesome year. I am honored at the opportunity to lead Robertson as principal this year. I have been a part of the Robertson Charter School family for 14 years. As principal I bring 7 years of teaching experience and 7 years of administrative experience. I believe that when parents, students, teachers and administrators work together in partnership that creates an environment where students can grow can academically and socially. Thank you parents and students for partnering with us for your educational needs. I look forward to a great year with you!



School Profile

Robertson Charter School began as a dream. The idea was to provide an alternative educational opportunity for students and their families living in Decatur, Illinois. After nearly eighteen months of preparation, the school was opened in July, 2001 with 67 students. Initially, Robertson accommodated Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. After a difficult first few months, the school quickly began to be established as a new premier school of choice. The initial goal was to add one grade per year until 8th Grade. This goal was accomplished in the 2006/2007 school year. Robertson Charter School is a “public school of choice.” We are connected with Decatur Public School District 61.

We have smaller class sizes (typically about 25 students) which allows us to spend more time with each student. We have state-of-the-art computer technology to assist our students in mastering the fundamentals in reading and math. We have approximately 335 students and 46 staff. RCS has its own fleet of school buses. All bus drivers work exclusively for Robertson Charter School. Our fleet is maintained by our own transportation manager.

Alternative Schools have given many people the right to choose the best place for their child’s education. Robertson Charter School has become that ‘school of choice’ in Decatur. We are extremely proud of all our teachers, teaching assistants, and other staff members. We are especially proud of our administrative staff. Additionally, our Board of Directors has proven to be an irreplaceable asset. Discover the difference that being a part of Robertson Charter School can be.