Pre School

Pre-K Application


Our Purpose

Robertson Charter Preschool Program’s purpose is to provide enriching opportunities to meet the needs of 3 to 4 year old children with a focus on at-risk youth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist all children and their families in strengthening their child’s development through our preschool curriculum, parent education, and our family atmosphere.

Our Curriculum

At Robertson we utilize the Creative Curriculum format for educating our youth.  This curriculum is based on discovery learning and creating the opportunities for children to develop through experiences and imagination.  We strengthen language skills through constant verbal communication and activities.  We strengthen large motor skills through games and obstacles.  We strengthen fine motor skills with art, writing, and devices known to help grip and muscle memory.

Our Goal

At Robertson our goal is to make sure that every student is Kindergarten ready when they transition at 5 years old.  We understand the importance of good preschool experience since it is a child’s first school experience. It is our goal to send students to Kindergarten prepared and excited.

Meet The Staff

Pre-K Teacher

Mr. Waibel

Teachers Aid

Lynnette Cox